Poetess: Olivia Vita

surreal girl with whale
By, Olivia Vita

Tree of Life

We are both desert and sea,

Dog chasing its tail,

Cyclist cycling: don’t stop.

Heart aching: please beat.

Breath in: breathe out again.

Eyes glued to sky, sifting through trapped air

For something to say;

She gave me wings and took my tongue:

The key is her name,

Shining bright through heavy chests

Like batman’s signal in the rushed stillness of night.

I wait for her here: a child at dawn,

Stomach grumbling,

Listening for crow caws though they fly above me:

I have not seen.

Head light, heart heavy with disbelief:

>I start to feel numb inside

When I forget to speak my mind<

Though reminders mark my doorpost,

Bound to my hands, a symbol on my forehead

Misplaced between the eyes:

Wisdom is the lost item of أمن/אמן/aman who seeks.

Like roots of the tree, she is steadied,

And in the shade of the canopy, he finds shelter.

What is belief but eyes made unclean?

Does god not make a special place

For those who wander in search of home?

In the wilderness were we sanctified

Not within the confines of these walls.


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