Why is Intersectional Feminism so Important?

By @antisleepclub on Instagram

Intersectional Feminism is very important. But what is the difference between intersectional and classic feminism? Feminism is the belief that women should be equal to men, but more privileged women (usually Caucasian, heterosexual, cisgendered women) don’t always realize that they are excluding other groups of women: LGBT+ women, WOC (Women Of Color) and other minority women who are more oppressed. Intersectional Feminism looks out for every woman no matter race, sexuality, gender, etc. Now that you know the definition, why is it so important?

  • Gender Wage Gap
    You may have heard about the gender wage gap and how white females will make 78 cents to the dollar that a white male makes in the US, but it doesn’t end there: a black female will make 64 cents to the dollar and a Latina female will make 54 cents to the dollar. And that’s just the start. We need men and women of all races and genders to close the wage gap for equality to exist.
  • Feminism without Intersectionality = Inequality
    I’m afraid you cannot call yourself a feminist without considering intersectionality. This means you support all genders, sexuality, class and races in the fight for equality. Equality is inclusive to everyone. What is commonly referred to as “white feminism” (essentially the opposite of intersectional feminism) does not take these identities into consideration.
  • Protecting people with disabilities
    In 2014, 12.5% of women with disabilities were unemployed. This is over twice the unemployment rate for people without a disability. We need to protect everyone if we are to give an equal, fair chance to everyone. According to the United Nations, people with disabilities are the world’s largest minority group, yet society often fails to accommodate them! This also means any feminist meetings should be accessible to anyone, including this group of people. Also, women with disabilities are more likely to experience sexual assault.
  • Equal!
    Intersectional Feminism isn’t about making women more privileged than anyone else. It’s about making all women and genders as equal as humanly possible! It’s for women to stop being catcalled and experience street harassment, for education, for freedom, for better and more widely available health care.
  • Cultural Appropriation
    Intersectional Feminism has a focus on creating a safe, equal society. This includes not appropriating other cultures, religion and style. The worst thing about cultural appropriation is that it can be seen anywhere from advertisements, shops, television and even places like fashion week runways. Cultural appropriation is adopting other elements of a culture (usually a minority or oppressed group) without permission or knowledge of the meaning or symbolism to the people they are appropriating from, which can be very ignorant and disrespectful. The mainstream use of this is shocking when others have to fit into a Western style to feel accepted in society.
  • #blacklivesmatter
    Black Lives Matter is important to intersectional feminists – especially POC (People Of Color) or BAME (British Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) people. You may have have seen #alllivesmatter, so I will ask the question: do all lives matter? Well, yes, nobody said they didn’t. However, #blacklivesmatter is here to protect African Americans from the unfair criminal injustice system and racism they have been facing. All Lives Matter was used to silence and fight back against the very important Black Lives Matter movement.
  • The LGBTQIA Community
    Intersectional Feminists are very supportive towards the LGBTQIA community. Members of this community are at higher risk of hate crimes and could even get taken to court in one of the 80 countries where non-heterosexual relationships aren’t allowed by law. It’s also important for others to be educated on the LGBTQIA community. The community celebrates Pride Month (where each sexuality/gender identity is celebrated), which dates back to the 1960s when public homosexuality was illegal and resulted in some other pretty awesome events such as festivals and pride marches in larger cities!
  • Gender
    Intersectional Feminism isn’t just for men and women; it’s for every gender. Minority genders (such as cisgendered women, transgendered individuals, demiboy, demigirl, and genderfluid persons) are sometimes overlooked in the feminism discussion. However, there is a lot of oppression that many of these genders experience such as incorrect pronouns, bullying, abuse, naming calling and more.
  • Health Care
    WOC are more likely to die in childbirth because of racical bias or immigration status disparities, and immigrants are three times more likely to lack healthcare coverage. Also, black transgender women have the highest rate of HIV diagnosis in the United States with a 29% diagnosis rate in California; this is because health services are not as accessible due to unemployment and ignorance among healthcare professionals when treating non-binary persons (Human Rights Campaign).
  • Political
    With Intersectional Feminism becoming more well known and widespread, there is a lack of people in higher power who are in a minority. Traditionally, only white men where allowed to be in high political power; we need more diversity in gender, POC/BAME, and sexuality in politics today to start enforcing change for others with fairer laws and justice systems to start making a change.

You can find more of me on my Instagram, @antisleepclub, where I talk about mental health, LGBT+ and intersectional feminism, as well as give advice in my posts. My DMs are always open if anyone would like to talk or needs some help or advice! Anyone and everyone is welcome here!

I hope to see you here again very soon!

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  1. I agree completely. Even some people think that feminists are the women who think they’re more important than other humans, which is shameful. but it’s all about equality how you said. a feminist could be a man too, which is supportive. There are people who think that feminism is only focusing in women’s rights, but it’s not only this it focuses in gender equality, all gender equality.

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