Running Free: Photography by Scout

I’m Scout.  I am homeschooling for a year. My favorite things are probably roller derby which I do in Bushwick, Brooklyn, and taking photos of everything. What I always think about for my photos is documenting or capturing the things that only someone in my position would see.  Part of why I take photos is so that I have something to look back on so I can really see what it was like to be me in that time period.  I don’t want to end up like a mom who forgets what it was like to be in labor or anything. I also want to show other people, I want people to feel like they know the people in my photos, like its their friends and remember that day they all bought as much junk food as they could and ate it at the park, or went camping on the long weekend and came home with weird bug bites. being this young is really a time for music and doing things you think your parents don’t know about and spending all day with friends trying on clothes.

girl at night with glow necklace ongirls on a rooftop deckgirls on roof with glittergirl on the roof during sunsetgirl sitting on a mountainteens crossing the streetteens looking out over a football fieldgirl on the subwaygirl climbing a telephone poleteens shoestwo girls faces

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  1. I think that you’ve pretty accomplished your purpose. The photos are really beautiful, different and original and what’s more important they show the rebellious spirit and they make me feel that I can relate to them. I love these photographs!!

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