Misbehaving For Days


behaving badly 

with you, how we’d forget all

about your curfew…

too busy traver-

sing your hills and peaks with my 

breath like you were Kath-

mandu, home to thousands 

of tiny summits, 

and I your dog-hungry 


And I hope this is 

‘nt taboo but I miss 

writing haikus a-

bout your shampoo, its 

cheap scents–Strawberry Fields Forever 

on your head, let me 

take you down 

to your bed.

And I hope this is

‘nt taboo, or more specifically 

man-boo, man-boor, too

boorish, too crass, but 

I miss knockin’ boots with you, 

more specifically

knockin’ boots while we 

both still wore our boots, just in 

from the snow, boots a-knockin,

a-hangin’ them off 

the side so as not to di-

rty the sheets.

Let’s be in cahoots with each other 

one last time.

Don’t you mis-

behaving badly with me too?

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