General submissions guidelines:

Call for submissions! Here’s what we’d love to see from you, GRL MAGer’s (And continue to check back in throughout the month, as we’ll keep adding to this list.) All of these must be sent to . Please include your name and age, and use the subject line specified for each post.

1. Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction Each month, we publish a creative writing column. If you’d like us to consider your work please email it to us by the 1st of the month, with the subject line: Creative Writing .

2. Advice questions for Dear Courtney Column. These can be sent in any time.

3. Instagram. We want to see your artwork and photography! Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #grlmaglove and we will check it out and may regram it or spotlight it on GRl MAG.

4. Theme’s will be posted on Instagram and this submit page:

November Theme: Girl Power

December Theme: LGBTQIA

Photographers/illustrators/visual artists: We don’t like to put a lot of guidelines on our contributors. We love to hear your voice and high light it. However you interpret the theme is the submission we want to see from you.

Please include your name, age, and if you like, your pronouns, with your submission. GRL MAG accepts work from female identified teens 19 years old and younger.

How do I submit written work to GRL MAG?
Please send a complete draft —accompanied by an introduction to the piece. Include your full draft below your intro, attach it as a document, or provide a link to a viewable Google doc.

What kinds of written pieces do you accept?
We accept all kinds of writing—fiction, nonfiction, essays (not school essays), rants, raves, humor, poetry, etc.

How long should my draft be?
It varies from piece to piece—what’s most important is that we receive a draft of your work.

Can I pitch an interview with someone/cover an event/do other reportage for GRL MAG?
Sure! As long as you ask us first.

What happens if my written submission is accepted?
It will go through the editorial process, and  we will ask for changes and work with you on making your submission as strong as it can be.  Every single written piece on GRL MAG goes through at least one round of edits (and usually more).

How do I submit visual work to GRL MAG?
Photo sets, illustrations, illustration and collage sets, and comics: Send us a description of the post you have in mind and a selection of sample illustrations/photos/what have you that are representative of the whole project (small, web-friendly files, please). Feel free to also include any links to your visual artwork/portfolio.

Videos: Please only send video submissions that have not already been published online—this includes YouTube, Vimeo, etc. (if you’re using one of these platforms, please send us private or password-protected links). Since we use Vimeo to host our videos, your submission should follow their super-easy compression guidelines.

Generally, videos should be shorter than 10 minutes long. We can’t publish or use videos that include unlicensed music or images, so if your video has other people’s work in it (music, visual art/graphics, sound effects), we need their permission to publish it.

What kinds of photos do you accept?
Pretty much everything except: photos that include drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and/or nudity.

How do I submit my or my band’s music?
To submit your music or band for a premiere or theme song, please email, and link to your Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Facebook page, or attach the song to an email with info about the song and when it’s coming out. Themes and premieres are booked two months in advance, so please send it with plenty of notice.

When’s the deadline for submissions tied to one of GRL MAG’s monthly themes?
There aren’t hard-and-fast rules and deadlines for what you should send to GRL MAG. A good idea is a good idea, so if your piece is a fit this month, our editors will try to find room for it, or, if we think it could work for another theme, we’ll let you know!

Do you pay contributors?
Not at this point. GRL MAG is a labor of love and at this point is 100 % volunteer based. We hope one day to be able to pay our contributors.